December 3, 2002

The forums at FirstLust seem to be a definite hit. Quite a few discussions have already started on various topics over there and I keep on posting since I want to get out of the No Flame ranking to the next one :p Incidentally if you are curious about the No Flame thing (there is a topic under the Chat forum about that) – it’s just a ranking system based on how many posts you make and since the imagery used is that of flames (and since flame has another meaning on the Net), I thought it would be funny to create a flame-based ranking system. OK, maybe it’s not *that* funny – but then again, I might be humour impaired :p

I’ve been doing some coding work too. I sort of refurbished Nailer so that the UI would be more informative and let the user know what is happening instead of simply displaying the hour-glass cursor for minutes on end and making you think that the program is stuck. Jen seems to be happy with it and so I think it is about time to release it to the public. Let me get some documentation done and it should be ready to go. Hopefully today but if not, in the next few days.

I also managed to find another proxy server to test out BlogMan with. This one’s called ComTun and was a 30-day trial but since I just wanted to get the proxy authentication stuff sorted out in BlogMan and won’t really need a proxy after that, I think I’m OK with that. Turns out that the original code that I’d used with BlogMan and the Indy HTTP component was correct after all – there was no bug with the proxy settings. It had all been the other free proxy server that I’d been using because I was able to both retrieve posts and publish posts to the server through the proxy using ComTun as the proxy server. So I uploaded a new build (still as BlogMan 1.0 Beta 1 :p) and I hope anybody who wanted to try out BlogMan with a proxy will find that it works for them now. Of course, I totally forgot to fix a few UI defects that Greg had pointed out to me – I keep on meaning to do that but then get caught up in something or other and forget about it. If the proxy stuff works, the next step will be to clean up the UI stuff, add more Blogger API or MetaBlog API supporting servers and add code to hide or show server specific UI elements. Then I should be ready to release the BlogMan 1.0 but I get ahead of myself – let’s do this a step at a time …

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