December 16, 2002

Yes, I’ve been sidetracked again :p I decided to investigate how easy it would be to do a client-server app that would handle audio-video streaming. Basically to create an application which would allow two people to communicate using speakers, microphone and webcam without needing a server – as long as they know at least one person’s IP of course. It was supposed to be another one of my simple proof-of-concept type of apps just to see if it would work but it has become entangled in a whole heap of other technical stuff like COM and multithreading and TCP/IP based client-server architecture :p I am tempted to drop the project since it looks as if it’s going to take me a while before I can get anywhere with it but then again, I am reluctant to stop something once I’ve started on it. So I don’t know if I will still try to go ahead with it or if I will drop it and get back to work on my regular apps 🙂

Speaking of regular apps, I still haven’t done much with BlogMan. I do use it exclusively to publish to my Movable Type based blog, Solipsistic Meanderings, and haven’t even been to the site in a while 🙂 But while the app works fine for me under Movable Type, there are things in it that might not work so well for somebody using Blogger or B2. In fact, I still need to come up with some code to handle the title workaround the B2 uses with the Blogger API (sorry about the delay Greg <g>) Then I also need to add support for other blogging utilities that either support the Blogger API or the MetaBlog API. I know there are others who are anxious for me to get back to Blog (or PostMan :p) and I’ve been extremely sidetracked of late <g> but the only good thing is that several apps have come out of me being sidetracked :p In the end, I believe that you must do what you enjoy most and so I guess I will continue code (because I enjoy that) but I will also code what I find the most interesting at the moment – unless (of course there is always an unless :p) there is something impacting performance for a user of an existing app …

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