December 12, 2002

The next member in the RookSoft suite of software is here 🙂 It’s called Schmer and it basically allows you to design the color scheme for a web page by dragging and dropping colors on a form which displays the various elements of the web page. You can select the body background color, the text color, the link color, the link hover color, the visited link color as well as certain colors for the scrollbar and some form elements as well. You can also define colors for various elements of a table. Once you have got a page looking the way you want, you can simply click a button which creates the CSS for the colors for all the elements on the page. It’s as simple as that! Of course, you can also save the current color scheme or to load an existing color scheme and the color grid from which you drag and drop colors is customizable and is saved upon exit.

This is not a major application – I wrote it in the course of about one day. Schemer, like MailCoder, is what I would call a proglet – a little program which does one thing and one thing only but can be handy at times. Incidentally, don’t look for it on the sidebar yet :p I still have to write some form of documentation for it and then I will list it on the sidebar for download during the course of the day. Hope somebody finds it useful and if you do, let me know – or if you have any suggestions/enhancements in mind, let me know about that too 🙂

I heard from one of my users yesterday that Blog is listed at NoNags and that it had received six ducks – their highest ranking 🙂 Edward had asked me some time back to list Blog at NoNags and I had done so but had forgotten all about it since then. Now I guess I’ll have to add a NoNags awards button to the Blog page – ah I hate all this work :p It’s a funny thing but I have not listed any of my applications with any of the major sites – I think I did submit Blog to but I have no idea what happened there. BetaNews is the only place that lists my apps regularly and that’s mostly due to the diligence of Eddie who reminds me when I forget to tell him about a new release 🙂

Incidentally, Scope has been receiving some publicity recently too – even though I haven’t worked on it in a while. ShellCity, which had listed it a long while back when I first released it, had featured Scope again this week and that had been picked up by a few other sites including MajorGeeks. So I’ve been getting a few bug reports, suggestions about Scope again and will probably go back to that somewhere along the way and do a proper 2.1 release of Scope while I am at it. But I do have to finish up BlogMan too – I do get sidetracked don’t I? :p I think I’ve done at least two new apps (Nailer and Schemer – hmmm, sounds like a pair of gangsters :p) while working on BlogMan …

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