December 7, 2002

Yes, I didn’t update in the morning :p We left Kurunegala in the wee hours of the morning to come back to Colombo and I went straight to work as soon as I got to Colombo. But that is another story and probably something that I would better leave for my entry on Solipsistic Meanderings (how’s that for a plug? :p) and instead talk about what I did yesterday in the way of coding – or at least site updates. Since I have not updated the individual application pages in ages, I decided to spend yesterday doing just that and even create a few new pages for apps that I’d released a while back but had not bothered to create application pages for.

Since I use DreamWeaver, I thought it would be a good idea to use a template for all the application pages since that would allow me to change the look of all the pages in one go without affecting the content. Of course, I had figured on this without taking my basic knowledge of DreamWeaver, bad documentation, being on dial-up and a few other factors into consideration :p I realized that when I used a template, that I couldn’t have a title of my choice for the page. I thought it would be as simple as changing the page properties after the page was created but it turned out to be not so simple. So I referred to the DreamWeaver help and while it had a lot of stuff on what to do in similar situations – it just didn’t have anything to do for this particular situation. Or it might just be that I wasn’t looking in the correct place due to preconceived notions as to what had to be done. Either way, several hours later and half the day wasted, I still hadn’t found a solution :p So I finally did what I should have done in the first place but was reluctant to do because I was on dial-up, I went online and searched for a solution.

I found a solution almost immediately (I think the second search result on Google if I recall correctly) and was finally able to change page titles. So then I set to work and either modified the existing pages for certain apps or created brand new pages for apps that did not have a page at all. The afternoon passed in creating screenshots, thumbnails and writing up descriptions of applications. I finally had a full list of applications except for Snipper – I actually created the app page for Snipper but couldn’t get any screenshots since I couldn’t compile it to run it :p I had left out one vital source file and so had to wait till I had access to that file before I could do anything. Oh well, at least I had everything else done and I uploaded it all today when I got to work. So enjoy all the brand new application pages on the sidebar :p

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