December 2, 2002

I am sorry about the lack of updates but things have been kind of hectic in my personal life and so I really haven’t had much time for updates or for coding. In fact, at one point I was ready to chuck it all and go into retreat but that is another story :p Anyway, no progress at all on BlogMan I’m afraid since I still haven’t gotten around to finding a good proxy server which supports authentication as well (so that you have to give a username/password to access the Net) but then again, I really haven’t had much time to play with the ones I did download. So once I get that set up, maybe I will be able to figure out if things are working or not. Hmm .. I just had another idea which might work – guess I’ll give that a try too …

In the mean time, I have “officially” switched over to the forums provided so kindly by Jen – thanks Jen, I love you 🙂 The PHPBB forums offers a lot of options for customization of the forums and while the early registrants might not have seen any of this (since I didn’t set it up till yesterday), if you go in now under your Profile options, you will see that you can select from a variety of styles for the board so that it can have a look of your own instead of the rather bland default look :p Plus, I’ve added tons of avatars so that you can suit a picture to go with your entries – and to top it all off, I’ve added a ranking system based on how many posts you’ve made. And that is just the beginning since that’s what I was able to do in one day of customizations :p So I like the new forums – they give me a lot of stuff to play with and based on the participation level so far, I have a feeling that all of you like it too 🙂 So have fun – the forums are there for you to get support and for you to build a community that can help each other and help me develop better software for you 🙂

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