January 24, 2002

The shell replacement related project I hinted at yesterday has come to naught due to … umm … creative differences :p It has however led me to think about starting work on a new project. I am strongly tempted to do so since I have ideas floating in my head that need an outlet in the from of code <g> I am not sure I should do so though since my other projects would suffer if I did. I’ve already got the project route mapped up for Blog up to 7.0 and I know there are people who are eager to see a new release of Scope as well … So I probably would be better of putting my time and energy into those projects but still … Ah well, I guess I’ll figure it out as I go along …

Speaking of Blog, I did do some further coding yesterday and squashed the minor bug that had been reported to me and also added a few more new features/changes. I have however decided against doing another release since neither the changes or the bug are overwhelming enough to make it worthwhile. So I’ll probably go on to 6.0 and the next release will be when I have at least some (if not all …) of the features of the 6.0 release completed. Of course, all of this will change if somebody finds a critical bug <vbg>

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