January 15, 2002

You know, I’m really shortsighted when it comes to designing applications and especially the UI for an application :p As I think I’ve mentioned before, I usually write an app for myself (and usually because there is a specific circumstance that demands that particular app …) and then put it up on the web site if I think somebody else might have a use for it. Unfortunately, this approach leads to a UI which can be clunky or even not very user-friendly. This was demonstrated again with BOB because when I did the UI for selecting Favorite sites, I didn’t think much about not including a Select All button or even of finding a grid control where you can SHIFT+Click and select a range of items because I knew *I* wouldn’t have more than three or four favorites to select at a time … Poor Daniel wrote to me yesterday and said that he had to click 120 times since he was updating 120 sites in one go 🙁 Ugh! Not good at all! I intend to try and fix at least that bit in BOB today so that Daniel can use BOB more easily. Of course this means I’ll probably continue to work on BOB for a while and neglect Blog … Ah well …

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