January 17, 2002

It almost always pays to check out the referrers to my site(s) since that is how I find people using Blog on their sites – rather than the person e-mailing me and telling me that they are using Blog :p Found a site today named The Red Ferret Journal that is pretty interesting … Interesting in that the guy has links to a lot of things (and talks about a lot of things) that I find interesting too … Why am I writing this here? Probably because I’m at home and I’m bored <vbg> I am actually thinking of going back to work on Cee – the much neglected, extremely primitive (at the moment) cookie/quote program that I wrote to complement Blog – and adding some skinning capability or some such to make it look a bit better … Will I do it? I don’t know … Guess laziness has got its coils around me really tight … but fear not dear reader, I will break through and prevail – but not today <vbg>

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When I mentioned yesterday that I was thinking of putting up a PayPal donations link on the site, I wasn’t really expecting anybody to take me up on the offer immediately :p But Theo Richardson – who is a Blog user who has his site here – immediately sent me an Amazon.Com gift certificate for $30! Thanks a lot, Theo – it really makes a difference to me as a coder to see such generous gestures of appreciation from my users. I immediately put it to use and got “Almost Famous untitled – The Bootleg Cut” since I’ve been meaning to get that for a long time – I’ll really enjoy that movie thanks to Theo 🙂 I hope it gets here before I leave though since I will be left wondering whether I’ll get the stuff forwarded at all if it doesn’t get here before I leave :p That reminds me, guess I should change the mailing address on my Amazon.Com wish list as well – not that anybody I know of has used it yet but still …

It was sort of a bitter sweet parting yesterday when I left work – it felt good to know that I won’t have to work for the next few weeks but I was sad to say good bye to some of the people that I’d worked with. Ah well, guess life is full of meetings and partings … I got to stay up later than normal yesterday since I didn’t have to get up early for work :p I still haven’t heard from Daniel about BOB and so I’m kinda debating as to what I should do next – whether I should release BOB 1.2 or continue working on it so that I can release a different version or not work on it at all and go back to Blog … Decisions, decisions :p

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