January 26, 2002

I’m watching “Rounders” again. I can’t remember when I last watched the movie nor can I remember anything much about the movie except in terms of broad plot outlines – which is always good since it is no fun watching a movie while remembering all about it … in most case 🙂 However, it did get me to thinking that it would be a great thing if we could take a snapshot about how we felt about a certain movie or situation at a given time so that we could take that snapshot out at a later time and compare it to how things had changed. What got me to thinking like that? Well, it’s because I vaguely recall that my feelings about the movie the first time I’d watched it had been different. I had thought disparagingly about Matt Damon’s character for being so addicted to playing cards but this time I was like “if he enjoys it, he should be doing it.” :p Of course, my sentiments about the character played by Edward Norton has not changed – I think he’s a weak low-life and that friendship stretches only so far. Matt Damon certainly shouldn’t have gone out on a limb for Norton because Norton had already gone way beyond the bounds of friendship by putting Damon in debt – no matter what Norton did for Damon in the past. Of course, that’s just my opinion … <g>

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