January 3, 2002

The biggest traffic generator to my site? Searches on walkthroughs for “Azurik” on the XBox on Google :p Of course, unfortunately the people who come here are disappointed. I did talk about Azurik multiple times since I enjoyed the game and the word walkthrough appears many times as well but probably not in the context they are looking for 🙁 I would have liked to have written a walkthrough for the game but I’m still not done playing it – it got progressively harder as I went along and that means that I lost interest :p My latest gaming obsession? “Final Fantasy X” on PS2 – it rocks!!

FFX has finally brought me back to the PS2 in a big way 🙂 As far as I am concerned, it is the definitive game for the PS2. I love almost everything about the game except for the fact that you can’t change the camera angle. I like all the changes to game play which makes FFX a lot more like “Grandia” which in my opinion has the all time best game play elements for a console RPG 🙂 I like the on screen map with clearly defined objectives, the turn based battles, the actions display for a battle which shows exactly who will act next, the ability to switch characters in battle without missing a turn, the sensor ability in weapons which shows you the stats (the remaining HP most importantly) on an enemy without you having to cast scan and lose a turn – it’s all good I tell ya :p And the FMV sequences are just fabulous and I love the storyline too! Go get it if you haven’t got it yet and buy a PS2 while you’re at it :p

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