January 14, 2002

Either TV script writers are scraping the bottom of the barrel for inspiration or I’ve been watching way too much TV *or* … I’ve become psychic :p I watched “UC: Undercover” yesterday and saw the ending (or at least the unmasking …) that I’d predicted last week when they ran the previews for the show for this week. An undercover agent who is supposed to have written the book on undercover work is killed and they said “you won’t believe who the killer is …” and I said “it’s himself – he’s not dead!” and guess what? I was right! I wasn’t sure that they’d pull that particular stunt again since it’s been done about a million times already – the most recent one I can think of (and that’s not so recent since it was a few years ago <vbg>) was in “The Pretender” – So I guess, I just watch too much TV :p But then again, about three weeks back when they had Sidney Bristow find hidden messages in encrypted Cyrillic characters in some books belonging to her mother that her father had sent to her mother years back from Russia, I said the codes were not from/meant for her Dad but for her Mom. Sidney pursued in last week’s episode and went so far as to accuse her Dad of being a double-agent for the KGB and then it was revealed that the codes were indeed sent to her mother … Yeah, I guess I watch way too much TV <vbg>

To get back to the real (or should that be unreal? :p) world we live in, had a woman call the particular show I listen to in the morning on the way to work and ask for advice on the fact that she’d been having an affair with her boss (who was married …) and had found out that he was cheating on her too! And her concern? Whether she’d get kicked out of her job if she terminated the affair! She seemed totally unconcerned about the fact that what she had been doing was wrong or the fact that a man who would cheat on his wife would probably cheat on her too. All she seemed to care about was her job security … Have we come to that stage when we don’t really care about the consequences that our actions have on other people? The further we go progress, the deeper we seem to sink in certain levels … Yeah, yeah, I do sound very much like a Luddite but I assure you that I love technology and perhaps it is wrong to link the seemingly downward spiral of our morals to the upward ascent of technology but when we brag so much about how advanced we are, I would think we would not just take technology into the equation but ethics, culture, spirituality and other such intangibles into consideration as well …

I’ve been talking to Daniel Garber who says that he’s just discovered BOB but wants to use it on an extremely large scale – to update hundreds of different machines from one workstation! I hadn’t really thought that BOB was useful to anybody but me but the use he wants to put it to seems just up BOB’s alley though 🙂 I guess I might be working a bit on BOB before the promised Blog stuff since Daniel has suggested an extensive list of changes that might help him at his work … Again we’ll see how things go since I’m always changing my mind :p

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