January 18, 2002

I’m watching “Swordfish” at the moment. There are little niggling things like the appearing and disappearing for John Travolta’s goatee (not really a goatee but that strip of facial hair under his lowe lip :p) during the opening sequences but the opening sequences themselves made me sit up and say “Wow! I like it!!” The opening monologue was kinda boring due to the lack of any action but then the camera draws back and you see that he’s surrounded by gun toting cops and I was totally blown away 🙂 And then the whole scene with the exploding hostage, what can I say? This one looks good and I don’t care how badly it got panned by reviewers – of course, I reserve the option to reverse my judgment once I’ve seen the full movie :p

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An interestingly coincidental thing happened yesterday :p I mentioned The Red Ferret Journal on here since I’d discovered the site on my reference logs and thought it was interesting. Then in the evening, I received a package from Amazon.com which contained the “Groundhog Day” DVD with a note from a UK Blog user named Nigel Powell. I had not heard from Nigel before and was wondering whom I should thank since there was no e-mail address or even a URL. I opened up my e-mail a bit later and there was an e-mail from Nigel Powell asking me what could be done since I’d mentioned in my journal entry that day that I should change my Wish List address as I’m moving to Sri Lanka :p What’s more, it turned out that he was the guy who wrote The Red Ferret Journal! Sometimes I think there are way too many coincidences in life for them to be coincidences at all – or rather that coincidences aren’t so coincidental after all :p

Nigel’s gift did start me thinking about the fact that two thirds of the gifts/donations that I’ve received (not counting the time, effort and talents put in by folks – which I’m not demeaning by any means here but I’m trying to make a point <vbg>) so far have been from people in the UK. I thought that was kind of interesting and mentioned it to Nigel and he said that it might be due to the innate sense of fair play that the Brits have and you know, he may be right because Theo Richardson, who sent me a gift certificate a few days back, said that he’d been feeling guilty about using Blog without paying for it. Now all this talk about donations and paying does not mean I’m hinting at anything <vbg> It’s just that I’m really excited any time I receive a gift and so will talk about it for a while but as long as somebody finds Blog useful, I’m happy too 🙂

Incidentally, just checked the Amazon.com site for “Groundhog Day” and I see that they have a special edition of the movie coming out the end of the month. Argh! I hate that!! Why can’t they make one edition of the DVD release with all the extras instead of making us buy new stuff over and over again? I guess you could just stick with the first one you bought but the main reason I buy DVD’s is for the extras and so I hate it when they come up with a better release than the one I’ve got! It’s happened to me several times already – most notably with “Seven”, “Total Recall”, the “Die Hard” boxed set and “Bad Boys”. I bought all of them even though I had the older copy. When will it all end? When? (Probably not till idiots like me stop buying every new release of the same DVD but that’s another story … :p)

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