January 20, 2002

I watched “Babylon 5: The Legend of the Rangers” last night on the Sci Fi Channel. I have never been an avid fan of Babylon 5 before – I’ve watched some of the episodes on and on but had never been engrossed enough (or cared enough about the characters) to want to watch it on a regular basis. In fact, my brother back home in Sri Lanka probably knows more about the series than I do because he used to watch it regularly 🙂 That all changed last night because I simply loved “The Legend of the Rangers” (which coincidentally has the acronym LOTR – for those of you living under a rock, that’s the acronym for “Lord of the Rings” as well :p). The show was funny, had characters that I liked and had a feel of history to it with references to Sheridan being President and G’Kar that it somehow had an aura of credibility in my eyes :p It may sound paradoxical but while I don’t have much faith in humanity, I believe in the human race and “The Legend of the Rangers” presented the kind of humans that I hope for – people who will stand by their convictions and because who they are, inspire such devotion in their comrades that they’ll stand together come what may. It was great!!

I was also amused by G’Kar. I had always perceived him in a villainous (or at least, negative) role in the original Babylon 5 – though he may have changed towards the end but I didn’t watch much of the later episodes. Here he was actually one of the good guys and I really liked his character. One of the scenes that really tickled me was G’Kar saying “Love to stay but can’t! Kiss, kiss, love, love” <g> to an assembly of ambassadors. That was really funny :p

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