January 23, 2002

An extremely slow day after yesterday’s hectic coding, releasing and bug-fixing :p I’ve decided to take things easy and just sit back and relax … I’ve even set aside some e-mails that needed to be responded to just because I feel so very lazy … I’m playing “Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance” at the moment and it is extremely satisfying to mindlessly trudge through a dungeon, hacking and slashing at enemies 🙂

A couple of things of note. I re-discovered a web site that I used to visit often a while ago – ShellScape. Of course, one of the posters there discovered my site at the same time and so this is turning into a kind of a mutual admiration/linking thing <vbg> The whole story of how this came to be is long and I don’t even know if I feel in the mood to write all about it but suffice it to say that my interest in Windows shell replacement has been rekindled lately and so I talked to somebody I knew from the olden days about it. He asked me to come on IRC and talk and that led to me meeting a lot of people from the shell replacement days – I hadn’t been on IRC in a very long time either :p This led to me talking about my software and site and so, that led to my site being mentioned on ShellScape and me mentioning ShellScpae here <g> The repercussions of that meeting might not be over however but I won’t say more till I know more …

I’ve got a minor bug report and a few feature requests for Blog since the 5.0 release and I’m not sure whether I want to do a 5.1 release to address these issues or just jump into the 6.0 coding and roll all of that into 6.0 as well. Guess I’ll decide once I actually start coding :p Speaking of coding, I had to uninstall and reinstall the Indy components about three times yesterday 🙁 This was because I found out that they had released a new build of the Indy 9.0 components and mistakenly thought that they’d fixed the SOCKS implementation stuff for the components which was removed after the initial 9.0 release. I didn’t realize my mistake till I had installed the stuff and tried to recompile Blog. I had to re-download the original 9.0 code and install it. I hope they fix it soon though – I really would like to try out the later 9.0 code but the SOCKS stuff is important since I’m using it in both Blog and BOB.

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