January 28, 2002

A few weird problems have been plaguing me (or rather two of my apps <g>) over the weekend. First up were a couple of bugs in Blog – I’d done a special build for Jason since he wanted a particular feature that I was able to cram in before I started work on Blog 6.0 but it turned out that the Find feature was broken in the new build 🙁 The weird thing is, using the same build, Find works fine for me but not for Jason. Then I heard from Nigel who had switched to cable modem from DSL and Blog suddenly stopped working for him! He gets a weird error message and is unable to publish though he did say that he had some problems with Trillian as well though SmartFTP seemed to work fine for him. I have been mulling over both the problems and coming up with various scenarios but nothing seemed to help. Finally I did another new build of Blog and sent it off to both Jason and Nigel but haven not heard from them yet.

The other problem-child-app was BOB – Steve Gabany wrote to me and said that he couldn’t see the Select button on the Site selection dialog. Now I’d changed the dialogs a bit in BOB – originally, I was using the same dialog for defining sites and selecting them and so whether you clicked the Site Management button or the Add button under the sites list, you got the same dialog. I changed this confusing behaviour for Blog 1.2 and had two different dialogs and thought this might be the case with Steve. I asked him and he came back with the perplexing answer that he had no Add button (or any button for that matter …) under the Sites list. I asked him to send me a screenshot and sure enough there are no buttons because his BOB window is a strangely elongated one with the log pane overlapping (and covering the bottom portion of) both the Files and Sites lists! I am totally at a loss as to what caused this behaviour since I am running BOB 1.2 at this end and it works fine for me and I don’t think the download is corrupted because I know of at least one other person who downloaded and ran BOB 1.2 and he didn’t seem to have any problems … All in all, a weekend of weirdness :p

This is the final week (hopefully …) that I’ll be in the US and so I’m not sure whether I’ll get any coding done after this. I probably will work on the above bugs if possible but I’d like to leave aside Blog 6.0 for the moment since I’d hate to start something and then keep on thinking about it but not get the chance to do any coding because of the trip :p Oh yeah, I did discover that I might be able to add the auto-dial feature to Blog pretty easily but I’m not sure that the online detection feature works perfectly – at the moment I can only test online-detection for a modem connection but I want to make sure it works fine with a LAN, DSL and cable connections too. So I guess I’ll have to enlist the aid of some users but probably not this week 🙂

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