June 25, 2001

Ugh … it was such a horrendously busy day at work that I couldn’t find any time to do an update till lunch and even now, I’m sort of multi-tasking as I do this since we did some changes to the systems at work yesterday and very bad things resulted :p Anyway, as far as Scope goes, the move to Delphi has been a real boon to Scope development 🙂 In fact, release 2.0 is actually shaping out to be a real 2.0 release instead of a move to a new development language because a lot of little features are coming in which make Scope work much better than 1.0 …

I should say however that none of this is due to any coding genius on my part – rather, it is due to the coding abilities of much more talented individuals who have created a lot of Delphi components that provide browser support. The Delphi IE page provides a whole slew of components which can be of immense help to somebody who is doing browser related development and I am using almost all of these components in the new release of Scope. And believe me, it is already showing in the added functionality 🙂

I know that some of you might be itching to try out the new release after reading all of this but please be patient for a little while longer so that I can get the code upto a point where I can do a beta release 🙂 At the moment, I basically have a mish-mash of stuff that works but doesn’t work perfectly together and still has quite a few holes in functionality. Once I get things working a bit more cohesively, I will certainly do a beta release.

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