June 2, 2001

I had completed fixing all the bugs that jugg had discovered in BOB yesterday and for added measure fixed a few bugs that I found too 🙂 So since there wasn’t anything further to do at the moment, I decided to write up the docs, set up the web page and release BOB! So there it is on the sidebar – take a look and let me know what you think.

I got another e-mail from Hugh Myers and he tells me that he finally got Blog to work! And from his trials and travails I learnt a lot – especially that my haphazard labelling of items could be really confusing to somebody who didn’t understand what I meant :p I wonder how many other people tried Blog and gave up on it because they just couldn’t figure out how it was supposed to work? The good news is that I’m going through Blog and revamping a lot of these things that could cause confusion. I also need to change some of the internals of Blog and so I don’t know whether I would release Blog 1.2 now or do the internal changes as well so that I could release Blog 1.5 … And I promised jugg that I would get back to Gossip after releasing BOB :p Oh well, even I don’t know which one I will work on next 🙂

Oh yeah one last thing, since I have access to the Nortiq mirror from home (as opposed to work) I have brought that site back in synch with the other sites. So if you need an alternate to download from, Nortiq is good 🙂

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