June 16, 2001

I figured out why I couldn’t post entries via Blog from home – it was the new firewall that I’d enabled in Linux due to my brand new security conciousness :p FTP clients now needed passive transfers enabled though I don’t seem to have any problems with other Net apps – only FTP. This made me think about something that I had been putting off for quite a while – adding firewall support to all my apps.

In fact, my friend John had told me that this was a feature lacking in BOB and that he couldn’t use BOB because he was behind a firewall at work. Since I had a lot of other things to distract me (including a slew of movies on DVD such as “EDtv”, “The Professional”, “The Substitute” and “The Substitute 2” that I’d bought and had never watched), I decided to simply plan out what I needed to do and then go on a coding marathon tomorrow and try to get Blog (and if I was lucky even BOB) updated to work with a firewall. So, I watched all the movies I mentioned and played a few sessions of “Grandia II” on DreamCast in between while I planned out how exactly I was going to modify Blog :p

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