June 10, 2001

Finally got around to doing some major coding 🙂 I updated Blog quite drastically since I overhauled the GUI completely so that you can resize the main window and have all components resize along with it, added some splitters so that you can resize individual portions of the screen and also added a log window to the bottom of the screen so that you can see what is happening when you are publishing your entries. It is much more user friendly – at least that’s what I think :p

I’ve also integrated changes based on all the user input to make the functionality and some of the labels in Blog much less confusing. At the same time, I’ve overhauled the internal database structures a bit so that publishing multiple journals/pages to the same site should be much easier.

However, since this is an update, existing users are going to have a little more work if they want to preserve their existing postings and settings 🙁 I don’t know whether I should do two separate distros – one for new installs and one for upgrades but for the moment I’m not planning to since there is no automatic installer and I’m hoping that people will read the instructions before they do anything … Guess we’ll wait and see …

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