June 19, 2001

I actually feel pretty good about the latest release of Blog 🙂 I even feel confident enough about it’s readiness for prime-time that I went ahead and submitted the story about the release of Blog 2.0 to several news/software sites :p Of course, just after I completed the submission process for the last site, I realized that there were a few further improvements that should be made to Blog such as making the number of days (or posts) that are displayed on the main page customizable … Oh well, there is always Blog 3.0 <vbg>

jugg liked Blog 2.0 so much that he tells me that he’s going to convert his site to use Blog 🙂 I guess he’ll be the only other person that I know of besides myself who actually uses Blog <g> But then again, he hasn’t done it yet so I might continue to remain the only person who actually uses Blog …

Haven’t done much coding since the release of Blog 2.0 but then again, I’ve been fairly busy at work and I get most of my major coding done on weekends these days. I’m planning on adding firewall support to BOB and doing a few further features that I’ve been meaning to add to it so that I can do a BOB 1.5 release but I also want to get to grips with XML and the Trillian skin designer – as always, so many things to do and not enough time … I guess that’s true for most of us :p

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