June 15, 2001

Looks as if I’ve been having some posting problems with my journal for the last few days and I didn’t even know about it :p I discovered today that my journal hadn’t got updated for the last two days and on investigation found out that Blog was actually erroring out on uploading the entries but I hadn’t paid any attention to the message log window … Looks as if something broke when I set up my Linux based network but I can’t figure out what went wrong. So for the moment the quickest solution was to simply dial-up from my notebook and post an entry since the only thing that seems to have trouble is FTP. Everything else works fine… Oh well …

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I had to go to the dentist yesterday for a simple check up. Of course, it turned out to be not so simple due to the fact that my last visit to the dentist had been over 10 years ago :p They took over two hours and still ended up cleaning only half my teeth and I’m supposed to go back again <vbg> I guess it was a pretty intense job because by the time it was over, my gums were bleeding and aching and the effect has not worn off even today …

But enough of my dental problems … As I’d mentioned a few days ago, Steve Gibson’s problems with the Distributed Denial of Service attacks made me want to explore different aspects of Internet security more thoroughly. So I’d been doing some research in order to code a Delphi packet sniffer as the first step in my endeavours to learn more in the Net security arena. But yesterday I found something else that interests me just as much.

I’d told you how much I liked Trillian yesterday and later jugg told me that he’d modified one of the skins that he and I both were using because the skins are defined using XML. This made me think about doing a skin designer which would make the task of developing skins for Trillian so much more easier. I still am not sure how much effort this would involve but since there don’t seem to be any GUI skin designers for Trillian at all and I really like the app, that might be my next project … Argh, there just isn’t enough hours in a day for all of this stuff!! Why couldn’t I be independantly wealthy so that I have time to work on all this stuff? :p

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