June 22, 2001

It’s another one of those rant days – so let me get this rant out of my system and then I’ll tell you the latest coding news <g> On the radio today (yes I know, there doesn’t seem to be anything much besides work, coding, radio, tv, movies and games in my life :p What can I say? I’m a saaaaad individual <vbg>), one of the hosts was saying how her six-year old daughter was scared of almost everything and her two co-hosts (guys who’s knowledge of children wouldn’t fill a thimble even after it was mixed with a gallon of water …) were urging her to take the kid to a therapist!! Come on! Are we that stupid and miindless that we are turning to “those who know” for raising our own children? I don’t remember my parents saying “this is our first child and we don’t know how to raise him – so let’s get a book on how to raise kids” … And these people don’t seem to realize that there are people who are impressionable enough who listen to them and actually think that they know what the heck they are talking about!! Why can’t people learn to use their heads for something else besides scratching? Ah well … enough of the ranting 🙂

Good news on the coding front – I started working on the Delphi version of Scope (which I’m calling Scope 2.0 even though there won’t be any new features to begin with – just a port of the old features …) and I already have a basic framework up! The menu, toolbar, address bar, tab bar and the MDI framework is in place and I have even started preliminary work on the child windows to host dual browser controls. I am tempted to not do any work on BOB this weekend and simply go full steam ahead on Scope but I guess what I do will ultimately depend on how I feel like over the weekend 🙂

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