June 14, 2001

I’ve been thinking up some further user-friendly additions to Blog that I’ve forgotten to mention due to rage issues over radio stories :p I actually realized this a few days ago – the current method of having a user click on New Entry before they can make a post (even though they can simply start typing without clicking New Entry but can’t save – or saving produces errors) is not very intuitive or user friendly. I could simply have had my code detect whether the date is there when the user tries to post and if not, insert it at that time in case they hadn’t clicked on New Entry. Unfortunately, I was too obtuse the first few times around to think of it <vbg> But hopefully, I’ll implement it in the next release.

Talking of releases, jugg tells me that it is high time that I did another release of Scope and I do agree with him. Just haven’t had the time to get around to doing so due to so many other projects. I particularly want to add the feature to launch a LinkGroup as a command-line parameter because that will allow me to do something else that jugg suggested – integrate some of my apps. If I add this particular feature, I can integrate Gossip and Scope because I can have Gossip launch Scope with multiple tabs for selected news stories. Again the suggestion was by courtesy of jugg 🙂

I found a pretty neat IM client yesterday though some of you may have already heard of it – Trillian. It integrates ICQ,MSNM,AIM and Yahoo Messenger and also throws in an IRC client for good measure! I’d been using IMICI before that but IMIC seems to have issues with maintaining multiple IM connections over a dial-up connection and so I had to go back to using ICQ along with it when I’m at home. But that wasn’t too serendipitous a solution since ICQ has those nasty ads now :p Trillian seems to work fine over a dial-up connection plus it’s skinnable! While I don’t have much use for skins that slow down my system, I’m not beyond some eye-candy either <g> And of course, the biggest plus is that Trillian lets you have emoticons :p

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