June 23, 2001

I guess I should be really careful about how I word things 🙂 Yesterday I heard from Bob Carmody who has achieved the dubious distinction of becoming the first actual, live Blog user (that I know of) besides me :p He wrote to me about his site, Another Green World, and let me know that he was using Blog but asked me not to give up coding on Blog and I was like, “Huh? Come again?” I asked Bob what he meant since I had no idea of giving up on Blog and then he pointed me to a line from the Blog read me where under Future Plans I’d written “I have no immediate plans to work further on Blog” … I can see what Bob means though what I meant to say was that I had no further coding ideas for Blog at that particular time … Guess I should read what I write <vbg>

As for progress on Scope, I actually have the GUI doing the basic stuff – with both the IE and Mozilla engines. The address bar works, the tab bar works and that’s about all that works 🙂 I haven’t added Favorites, LinkGroups, support for opening all links in one Scope session or even support to make Scope the default browser. Plus, there are a few odd things like the fact that the IE window will resize when the MDI child window is resized but the Mozilla window will not. On the positive side, the Mozilla window back and forward buttons work under Delphi – whereas they used cause a crash under MSVC … go figure … My friend John has been kind enough to offer to collaborate with me on this version of Scope and so I’ll probably be sending off my current work to him so that maybe he can polish up the GUI a bit more since he knows (and has been working with …) Delphi a lot more than me :p He’s also going to add stuff that he’s either worked on – like his own Favorites manager – and work with me on some of the new stuff that I wanted to add, like the treeview which displays your browsing activity.

Currently the executable for Scope 2.0 weighs in around 700k but it’s still growing and since I haven’t added all the current features available in Scope 1.0 yet, it might still be around the 1MB mark by the time I get around to releasing it …

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