June 9, 2001

Linux has changed (and is still changing) dramatically in such a short time period! I first gave Linux a try with Linux Mandrake when it was at version 6.x and that was about a couple of years ago … I was really impressed with Mandrake’s distribution and was totally gung-ho about Linux for a while before going back to Windows because most of my favorite apps were still in Windows or I couldn’t find alternatives under Linux … and finally of course, I’m a Windows programmer <vbg>

I gave Mandrake a try again a few months back when Linux-Mandrake 7.2 was released and it was much more robust and much, much more improved with the inclusion of KDE 2.0 but at that time it really didn’t fit in with my then computer set up where I had a Windows network at home with my desktop acting as a server for ICS (Internet Connection Sharing) and while Mandrake did have ICS at that point, it didn’t seem to want to work with my set up.

Part three of this saga began yesterday when I burnt a couple of CD’s with the ISO images for Mandrake 8.0 and let me tell you, I’m impressed! The setup was amazingly easy, I am in love with the GUI and ICS works like a charm! In fact, I think I’m going to run Mandrak 8.0 on my desktop as my main OS from now on since I use my desktop only to share the Net connection and to connect to work via Metaframe and there is a Linux version of the client so I’m all set there :p But will I do any Linux code? Probably not but then again since Kylix is there from Inprise and I am a rabid Delphi developer now, who knows what might happen? <vbg>

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