January 22, 2002

Some of you might have noticed that I released BOB 1.2 yesterday (it’s linked to from the sidebar and is also listed on the Download page). I didn’t however release Blog 5.0 🙁 There were two main reasons for not doing so: a) I remembered a few features I hadn’t added and came up with a new feature that would be useful b) I got side-tracked by some C code out of a sense of nostalgia :p Yeah, I don’t know why but C code always entices me and I am drawn to it but I then discover that I have to work hard to code in C (or even C++) and then I come back to Delphi <vbg> The features I missed? Some of the Blog users wanted more options in the Hyperlink entry dialog such as the ability to specify whether to add http:// to the entry or not and whether to open the link in a new page or not … The new feature? I had already added full-text searching for Blog but I realized that text searching by itself does nothing much. Why would you normally search for something in Blog? Probably because you want to link to that entry. As things stand currently, you’ll have to search, memorize the date and then invoke the Entry Linking dialog. Instead, what if I provided a button which said “Link” on the dialog which lists the search results? That seems much more user-friendly to me. So I’m gonna get cracking on all that and hopefully, I’ll keep away from “Baldurs Gate: Dark Alliance” on the PS2 to complete the code and get a release out today :p

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