January 17, 2002

It almost always pays to check out the referrers to my site(s) since that is how I find people using Blog on their sites – rather than the person e-mailing me and telling me that they are using Blog :p Found a site today named The Red Ferret Journal that is pretty interesting … Interesting in that the guy has links to a lot of things (and talks about a lot of things) that I find interesting too … Why am I writing this here? Probably because I’m at home and I’m bored <vbg> I am actually thinking of going back to work on Cee – the much neglected, extremely primitive (at the moment) cookie/quote program that I wrote to complement Blog – and adding some skinning capability or some such to make it look a bit better … Will I do it? I don’t know … Guess laziness has got its coils around me really tight … but fear not dear reader, I will break through and prevail – but not today <vbg>

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Tags: General
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