January 9, 2002

Suddenly been receiving a ton of e-mail on my apps after a lull during which I hardly received any e-mails at all – this seems to be cyclical :p I guess some of my users figured that if I had nothing better to do than to write about games and comics, it’s time to bug me <vbg> Just so that you know (the people who don’t know me and my style of writing too well …) I’m just kidding 🙂 I enjoy hearing from my users and always like to hear suggestions and criticisms except for the demanding ones where people seem to think along the lines of “all right, I’m using your software so you need to do everything I say” :p Of course, there seems to be a very thin line between the “I’m a coding god, bow down before me” and the “demanding users annoy me” attitudes but I hope and pray I always continue to stay on the right side of the line …

All the e-mails and the correspondence has been good since I’ve actually learnt that there is at least one person besides me who finds BOB useful :p (Argh, just hit this weird bug in Blog which has cropped up a couple of times before – a word would be misspelled and I’d backspace to correct it and “wham!” I get hit by a cryptic windows error message and it keeps on coming back every character I type. Sometimes saving, exiting Blog and restarting helps but not this time. I had to try to delete the offending word – which didn’t help – and then finally have it highlighted and save – which actually got rid of the word – before the crashing stopped. I have a feeling that this is something to do with the spellcheck component but the problem is how to isolate it …)

Whew, that was a long aside! I also ran into another bug in Blog while writing the above paragraph – sometimes if you have a word highlighted and want to add a hyperlink, the link does not appear bracketing the word you highlighted but at the beginning of the whole entry – again this is sporadic and the only common factor seems to be that it happens after I have saved an entry I was working on and hadn’t typed anything further but simply wanted to insert a hyperlink – at least I think so … Guess there’s a lot of things I need to look into as far as Blog goes … And that brings me back to what I wanted to write about when I was talking about the e-mails I’ve received and their positive effect – somebody suggested (actually I think there were at least two people who wanted this …) that I come up with a comments system which was easy to use from Blog. Unfortunately, this isn’t possible as a normal comments system since the essence of a comments system is that the comments are visible to everybody and so have to reside on a central server. However, I had received the request for a comments system again yesterday and then received an email from CJP about how he needed a way to moderate who posts comments on his comments system. I was thinking about that and it suddenly occurred to me that I could use a similar method to the multi-user posting system that I was talking about for Blog 6.0. Have the comments be sent to an e-mail address and then Blog will handle the posting to the web site! That way, you don’t have to have PHP or any scripting on the server and you can have total control as to who posts comments and who doesn’t. The downside? The comments won’t be instantaneously visible as would be with a scripted system and I might not be able to add the ability to edit/delete them (though that probably will be possible …) Let’s see how it turns out when I finally get around to doing the coding …

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