June 30, 2001

The Razor Systems mirror is down because the weirdest thing has happened … My friend KuhnDog who was kind enough to lend me space on his server for one of the mirror sites had his personal directory deleted yesterday – and the account responsible seems to be mine! I’m as mystified by this whole incident as KuhnDog is and the weirdest thing is that the times I logged in yesterday and the IP address, correspond exactly to the times I did *actually* log in yesterday and my IP address from work!! So it doesn’t look as if somebody else logged in under my ID … So what the heck happened? Am I have periodic blackouts in which I do weird and crazy stuff? (That was a joke … not to be taken seriously :p) I really don’t know what caused it but KuhnDog does tell me that my account got bumped up to administrator level somehow at his ISP and I have a feeling that that has something to do with it … I am waiting to see what transpires next since KuhnDog should be getting the FTP logs today and then we can see what really caused his personal directroy to be deleted – whether it was a direct delete command or whether it was something else which triggered the action due to my higher security permissions … though I really can’t think of anything that would cause a simple FTP transaction to delete a directory …

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