June 28, 2001

I sometimes wonder about where I’m going and what I really want to do … (Yes, this is going to be one of my introspective bits where I think aloud <g> If you want coding news, just skip to the next paragraph :p) I love coding and I enjoy it a lot but I sometimes get tired of coding for a living … especially when it’s monotonous stuff like fixing data or migrating code or advicing other people on what they need to do … I have been a journalist for a while, I wrote, produced and directed a weekly TV show for about a year and I’ve been a coder for more years than I care to remember … I sometimes wonder whether it’s time for another career change … I guess what’s holding me back is what holds most of us back from going ahead and doing what we always wanted to do – fear of failure or the fear that we’d find that what we wanted wasn’t what we wanted after all … Ah well, someday … :p

I didn’t release a beta of Scope 2.0 yesterday as I’d planned because there was one important piece of functionality that I was missing – the ability to open links in new windows. Scope 2.0 would open up new windows alright … but in IE (or your default browser I guess …) not in Scope itself! I didn’t have any time to look into it last evening since I had to do some code deployment for work from home. But I guess the time away from Scope code was good because just before going to bed I realized the solution to the problem 🙂 So I will hopefully implement it today and then you should be able to play with Scope 2.0!

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