June 1, 2001

The Gnomies still are a coming 🙂 Though it wasn’t the blitz I’d thought it would be from descriptions of other sites that had simply gone under the barrage of users trying to get to the site, there were quite a lot of visits yesterday and it doesn’t seem to be abating yet … Of course, I guess not everybody who reads LockerGnome would be interested in a blogging tool and so I shouldn’t have been worried about the site going under 🙂

Anyway, the response from all the new users hasn’t been … ummm … very impressive :p I have one new member for GroupHug and did receive some very detailed and in-depth comments from one user who’d tried out Blog. This particular user – Hugh Myers – pointed out some things that even I hadn’t noticed and I’ve been using the proggy daily <vbg> Of course, it also made me realize that Blog isn’t all that intuitive to use and I should either add context-sensitive help, include a help file or write better documentation 🙂 Oh well, if I had the time to do all of that … but we shall see …

On the coding front, I completed preliminary work on BOB! All the basic features now work but I still need to run it through some rigorous testing. I’m just wondering at the moment whether I should release it as a beta with no docs and no support page or wait till the weekend so that I can get all that stuff up and then do a proper distro. What do all of you think? 🙂 I’ve been getting some feedback on Gossip from Steve and jugg so I know there are at least two users of that proggy :p I’m actually beginning to wonder whether besides Scope, anybody really uses my apps besides me <vbg>

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