March 25, 2003

Nothing much happening with the Blog recoding and restructuring because I’m caught up in the middle of another project :p It’s not a coding project this time though – however, it’s a sort of commercial one. Or rather, it’s the idea for a commercial venture that I want to put into action and see how it goes. Yes, I know I’m being mysterious :p But I had this idea on Sunday for which I wanted to get a new top-level domain but all the names I wanted were taken. So I decided yesterday that I’d go with a sub-domain on at least for the moment and so began working on a new site design. The actual design is more or less complete but now I have to do all the content which is like a page of write-ups, a page of existing information which has to be rearranged and a page with a form which still has to be coded since it’ll probably involve some PHP.

I’ve done the write-up page but it’ll probably need some revising and the information page is the one which has been taking so much time since there is a lot of information that needs to be rearranged in a better format. Once I get the page with the form (which I probably should start working on today and leave the information page till later), I’ll probably make the announcement as to the URL and what I’m actually hoping to do. Till then I’ll simply be mysterious and keep everybody guessing :p Oh yes, Blog 8.0 work will begin again as soon as I get done with putting this sub-domain up …

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