March 20, 2003

I’ve always been partial to notebooks as my main machine – probably because I love the portability. So, I’ve been slobbering over the Fujitsu Celsius Mobile H workstation (sorry, no link since I’m at home and offline) as the next notebook I’d like to buy. I’ve even looked for a dealer in Sri Lanka who might be able to get the machine for me but it looks as if this particular model is available only in the US 🙁 Since, I can’t afford a trip to the US right now to buy the notebook, and since I do need to upgrade to a heftier machine if I really want to enjoy most of the games I’ve got and most of the newer games coming out, I’ve decided to go for a desktop for the moment.

Now I’ve got quite a bit of the parts from my old desktop from the days when I was in the US but just haven’t bothered to assemble a desktop till now since I really prefer working on a notebook. But it’ll all come in handy when I try to put together a new machine. All I really need is the case, motherboard, processor, RAM (since I’ve got SDR and the newer motherboards take DDR), monitor and keyboard. I’ve got the rest of the stuff right here. I’m currently looking at a Pentium IV 2.4GHz processor and an Intel motherboard (since that seems to be the only one which has USB 2.0 at the moment) and want to finally go up to a 17″ monitor as well :p I’m told that most motherboards these days have sound built-in (I haven’t checked the specs on the motherboard – was too busy yesterday and so was going based on what I was told by the company’s resident hardware guy <g>) and so probably am not going to go for a sound card but might decide to change my mind later on. It’s already adding up to a fairly hefty total (at least here in Sri Lanka :p) though it will only come to like $500 over in the US – or maybe even less since I’ll be able to find some of these components probably for much cheaper than what I’m getting here … or maybe not, I should check on that today if I have the time …

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