March 7, 2003

I didn’t have too much time for coding today but I did go back to the web-update component. I had discovered that the demo for the web-update component had suddenly started a mysterious IDE crash each time I tried to close the demo project. I thought this was due to a new grid component that I had introduced into the demo project to display the update information for all the new components. I tried fixing the problem for a while before I realized that the crash was caused not by the grid component but by the web-update component itself :p So I had to hunt through the code to see what I had changed that would cause the crash – I finally discovered that I had mistakenly moved up the call to the Free method of a string list before some code that used that string list in the destructor for the web-update component. Once I fixed that, it worked fine again 🙂

While I did manage to get the demo finally compiled and running with the new changes to the update component that supports individual component updates, I found that it still didn’t work exactly right. I fixed a few bugs and code glitches which was stopping it from even downloading and parsing the update info file but that’s as far as I got yesterday. So I still need to make sure that the parsed information is displayed properly and that user input is received as to which components are to be downloaded before only those components are downloaded and installed. If all of that works, then everything is set and I can go back to Blog 8.0 and incorporate the web-update component into it.

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