March 4, 2003

In my usual quirky and unpredictable style, I’ve put the CD cataloging application on hold and gone back to the web-updater component :p I tested its functionality yesterday and after some tweaks and bug fixes, was able to get it working with a single file download. Of course, I had to immediately start working on the source to handle multiple files and to implement a mechanism to assign versions to each different component and to check versioning on each component separately and download only those that have been updated. I’m still trying to get all the details into place for that. While the basic idea isn’t much more different than doing a single file, the actual implementation details are bogging me down – such as how do I send update information to the parent component since I can’t do a simple old version number and new version number deal as I would for a single component. I’d have to send a whole list containing the component name and the old version and the new version. Add to this the fact that I also want to go by release date since the same version component might be updated or fixed and re-released with a new release date (yes, I know I can up the version number here but there are instances where this is not practical due to my internal beta numbering system) and the fact that I also want to provide optional update components (like plug-ins) that the user can deselect from the download list, and the complexity grows ever more :p But I’ll work it out …

In the meantime, don’t expect Blog 8.0 to be out soon :p Even the first work-in-progress release containing the web update stuff should take a while since I’ll probably start working on a few other things (probably including the CD cataloger which I currently call DiskMan and maybe even a rebirth of PostMan due to certain other circumstances …) concurrently. BTW, I’ve heard from one user that he loses custom snippet toolbar buttons on restarting Blog. Now this was one of the main fixes I implemented for the 7.1 release and it seems to work just fine over at my end. So I’m not sure why it’s not working for him. Are custom snippet toolbar buttons working fine for everybody else? Or doesn’t anybody use custom snippet toolbar buttons anymore? :p

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