March 18, 2003

Since I am still in the process of installing software on my home machine, no coding at home I’m afraid and since things have been extremely busy at work, no coding there either 🙁 I spent a couple of hours yesterday after I got back from work in installing Visual Studio .NET and Delphi 7.0. Now all I need to install are all the components that I use for my usual projects and I should be back in action with Delphi. That probably would have been taken care of today since today is a holiday … if I didn’t have to go into work. So I’ll still try to get everything set up later on in the afternoon if I get away from work early but if not, I guess it’ll have to wait a few more days till I am finally able to get back into work completely …

In the meantime, does anybody remember “Master of Orion”, the game? It used to be one of the best strategy games out there in the old DOS days. It was a bit similar to SimCity in that it was all about resource management but this was on a galactic scale instead of on the city level since you had to advance your own race to dominance in the galaxy (or maybe it was the universe). I used to love that game but never did get to play “Master of Orion 2” when it came out. Now, seven years later, they’ve released “Master of Orion 3” and from all accounts, it’s supposed to be even better than the previous two games. And the best thing of all, unlike most of the new games which come out these days, it doesn’t seem to require a fairly hefty machine to run :p Of course, it’s again two whole CD’s full of gaming and so I’m not sure that I really want to try out another game and add to my growing CD collection which is going to be fairly unwieldy, but I guess I’ll just have to give the game a try for old times sakes :p Speaking of sequels, did you know that Lionhead Studios is now working on a sequel to “Black & White”?

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