March 19, 2003

Well, I am almost up-to-speed on my home machine again after reinstalling Microsoft Office and Money, reinstalling all the Delphi components I use (twice, since I messed something up the first time and had to reinstall Delphi 7.0) and changing all the settings to the way I like them 🙂 I even made a few changes in the way I store certain things so as to make disaster recovery a bit easier – such as moving the custom components that I’ve coded from my applications drive (where Delphi is) to my data drive (where all my apps are) so that I don’t accidentally delete the latest source for any of those components when I next do a format of my application drive :p I’ve also installed Windows XP SP1, updated Norton Anti-virus and Norton Utilities and patched Delphi 7.0 as well. If I’ve forgotten anything else, I guess I’ll find out when I run right into it :p

It’s time to get back into coding now but it looks as if I won’t have the time to do so for a few days 🙁 They want me to finish an urgent edit at work this week and I worked on setting up the edit when I went in to work yesterday. I’ve completed the script and have selected the shots and sequences that I want to use but I’ll probably need to revise the script and so on today. I think I’m supposed to edit tomorrow and if so, then it’s going to be a hectic few days till that is done. Once that is over, I think I should have time to get back to working on the Blog changes – if we aren’t in the throes of war by then that is …

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