March 14, 2003

I didn’t get home till late in the evening yesterday since I was out on a shoot most of the day. Still, I found some time to work on bits of the Blog code – I couldn’t get the Addict spell checking and thesaurus working with the WPTools component the day before but I fixed that problem yesterday – it was fairly simple actually and that’s why I got it fixed so quickly :p I also took a look at the internal format that WPTools was using to store the new entries (or changes to existing entries) into the database and found out that the entries were being saved as richtext. Now this wasn’t something I wanted since I normally store Blog entries as plain-text interspersed with HTML tags to implement the formatting, image embedding etc. So I took a further look at the WPTools options and discovered that I can specify the format that I wanted the entries to be saved in. I specified HTML and then found out that this saved the entry as a complete stand-alone web page replete with header and body sections. So I’ll have to go back and see what other formats exist and whether any of them can be used for Blog or if I have to be satisfied with the HTML format and then strip out the extra sections at the time of publishing.

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