March 26, 2003

My “secret” project is ready to be unveiled :p Some of the pages aren’t complete yet but the basic stuff is in place and I’ll probably continue to work on the pages for the next few days (or at least today …) and since I don’t have anything further to write about, I thought I might as well reveal what the project was all about <g> If you are the impatient type, just go here and find out all about it but if not, let me tell you what it’s about right here :p

Basically, I’ve been thinking of starting a consultancy firm for a while – not a consultancy firm for the big corporations which can pay you big bucks but a consultancy firm for the man-on-the-streets, the average joe 🙂 I’ve had several friends who’ve wanted a small job done and have turned to me to code it for them and I’m sure that there are many more people like that out there, people who don’t want to go to a person to get the coding done because they think it’ll be too pricey. Well, it’ll still be too expensive for most people to get a coding job done from me since it’ll cost at least a couple of hundred bucks unless it’s something I can finish in a couple of hours but I’m hoping that I can show them how to do what they want to do using existing software – because that’s something else that I’m good at … finding solutions because I know a lot more about what’s out there than most people – at least, I think I do :p

So, this is supposed to be a sort of an all-purpose consultancy firm which will not only do custom coding jobs but will also provide information on how to get something done using what’s already there, or will tell you how to troubleshoot your hardware or help you with an existing coding job you are stuck with or … well, you get the picture 🙂 I originally wanted to call it rent-a-geek but the domain name was already taken and so were a few other alternatives I looked at and so, I decided to go with a sub-domain on itself for the moment and see if anybody is actually interested in this kind of service. If they are, then I might eventually move it out to its own domain I guess. We’ll see …

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