March 12, 2003

I have been contemplating making the editor component in Blog WYSIWYG so that users have better control over what they type and to lessen the need for the preview window since some people feel that the preview tab is not as user-friendly as the older method where the preview window was below the text window. Of course, I’m also contemplating making the preview a true preview by incorporating the template into the preview but that’s besides the point :p Anyway, I wrote to the folks over at WPTools and asked them if they’d be interested in sponsoring a copy of their excellent editor component suite since that would allow me to embed truly WYSIWYG editing into Blog easily and yet retain existing features like the spell checker and thesaurus.

I got a response almost immediately from Julian Ziersch over at WPTools saying that they’d be glad to sponsor me provided I displayed the WPTools logo in my about dialog as I currently do for DBISAM. Since that was the least I could do for such a generous offer, I immediately agreed and Julian has already set me up with my own copy of WPTools though I haven’t had the time to download it and start integrating it into Blog. Since I’m still having access problems, slow down issues with my host’s server and a myriad of other web related problems, it might be that the first work-in-progress-towards 8.0 build of Blog might actually be for the WPTools enhancements instead of the web-update stuff :p Guess we’ll know when I finally do make a release instead of talk about it <vbg>

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