November 19, 2002

Yesterday I did two releases – one was a bug fix and the other was buggy :p The first was the updated code to RenX so that you can rename files with multiple file extensions to have the same extension. You may also have noticed that there is a download link for BlogMan 1.0 Beta 1 on the sidebar (at least on the mirror sites – Tripod doesn’t have it but more on that later) but don’t download that build since it has a minor bug which will probably prevent it from working 🙁 I had originally coded BlogMan 1.0 to have a version number of 1.0 and built the version checking code around an initial build of 1.0 but then I decided to release a beta build and pushed the version number back to 0.91 and forgot to adjust the version checking accordingly. I didn’t realize this till I’d uploaded the new builds and *then* installed it on my machine and ran into the error. Actually, I didn’t realize the problem even when I ran into the error since I thought it was a problem with my data – I realized it much later and it was too late to upload a new build then. I will do so today.

Tripod – well, I couldn’t upload to Tripod yesterday since I was on temporary hold again due to exceeding my hourly bandwidth limit 🙁 I don’t know what Tripod’s hourly bandwidth limit is but what had happened was that WebAttack had listed Blog 7.0 (probably yesterday or over the weekend) and that started the hits pouring in. Yes, I know that Blog 7.0 has been out for a while but WebAttack is slightly behind always :p Anyway, it now looks as if I really should move out of Tripod but don’t want to be left in the cold if anybody who hosted me decided to pack up and leave. So the only other option seems to be to go for a hosted solution with my own domain since then I can always move somewhere else even if my host packed up. Would anybody care to pick up the tab for hosting me at $4 a month? :p Or, provide hosting for my own domain? If so, do let me know and I’ll move out of Tripod …

I seem to be working on multiple projects constantly these days 🙂 I worked on BlogMan and RenX yesterday and I also worked on my Perl/mySQL tagboard. I added an Admin login option and used a cookie to store if the Administrator was logged in or not. The logging in and logging out seems to work fine and then I added the option to display detailed information about each post. I was having a little bit of problem getting that to work since I can’t test the code on my local IIS installation. Anybody have any idea why Perl can’t seem to write to a text file under IIS but the same code works fine on an Apache server? I’ve checked and rechecked the file and directory permissions but again, since the permissions aren’t the same under Windows and Linux, I am not sure that I’m not missing something there. I’ve been testing my code by transferring each little change to the remote Apache server and that takes a whole lot of time. Oh well, eventually I’ll have the tagboard doing what I want it to do – as the man trying to drain the ocean with a tin cup said “It’s just a matter of time” :p

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