November 7, 2002

Slowly fasting :p

The month of Ramadan started today and so I have started fasting. Some people are confused as to why Ramadan seems to come around at different times of the year each year and that’s because Muslims follow the lunar calendar instead of the Gregorian calendar which is based on the sun. So there is a difference in a certain number of days between the Muslim years and the Gregorian years :p A new month starts with the sighting of the new moon and the new moon was sighted in Sri Lanka yesterday and so the month of Ramadan began last night. We got up early in the morning today and ate since we are supposed to not eat after dawn till dusk. One of the main things I always note about the month of Ramadan is that I have plenty of free time since I get up early and then don’t have to worry about lunch and stuff. But of course, since a strict adherence to fasting means no entertainment, no luxuries – not just no food and water. But I find that I read a lot more even though even that might be frowned upon by the ultra-orthodox since it is not really contemplating God or anything worthwhile – especially considering the kind of stuff that I read … but that’s another post entirely :p

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I am still working on BlogMan. Though I should have gone on to entry retrieval and posting after doing the blog information retrieval code, I decided to deviate a bit and add multiple user support 🙂 So I’ve been working on adding the retrieval of user information for a given blog. Of course, this part is a bit clunky in that the BloggerAPI needs a login and password to retrieve information for a user instead of allowing you to retrieve information about all users on a given blog if you are an administrator for that blog. And the UI is kind of cluttered because it is all on one tab called Servers. You define the information for a given server and on the same screen you have a list of blogs for that server and a list of users for any given blog. I just completed the user information retrieval but haven’t tested it yet.

Once that is tested and is proven to be working, I will have to modify the UI so that you can select a given blog *and* a particular user from that blog. Then you should be able to use a synchronize option which allows you to retrieve either all the posts for that user and synchronize those with your local database or retrieve a certain number of recent posts. There are limitations here as well since I have read that Blogger only allows up to a maximum of 20 recent posts to be retrieved whereas B2 allows you to retrieve all posts by the user. I don’t know how Movable Type behaves in this respect. So it’s going to be a fine kettle of fish to sort out all this stuff.

Of course, that brings me to the other thing that I haven’t added yet and am mulling over – server categorization. Currently, each server you add to BlogMan is not categorized as to whether it uses Blogger, MT or B2 etc. Since there seems to be variations on the API support, I probably will need to add a server type/category field. Now my dilemma is as to whether I should have a separate table to hold the server type – this will come in especially handy when/if using different plug-ins for each server – or to hardcode the server types in to a drop down box for the moment. I still haven’t decided and will probably end up hardcoding for the moment since it’s easier :p

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