November 16, 2002

I didn’t release BlogMan after all :p The first reason is that I was too busy to update the documentation and the second was that I did a trial run (and did successfully post to SM BTW – read my please for a job over there :p) but discovered that I was missing a few vital options for Movable Type. Since BlogMan is primarily for my use, I wanted to get those options in before I did a release. Actually, that’s how all my software starts, I write it for my own use, get it to the stage where I can use it and then release it and if people like it, then it gets updated and features are added as per demand 🙂

Speaking of people liking software, I did RenX ages ago – it’s basically a batch renaming utility that I wrote since I had a whole bunch of eBooks that I was too lazy to rename by hand :p I put it up for download since I thought somebody else might find it handy but actually nobody wrote to me till now. I heard from a user today who complained that she cannot change extensions with it – which I had not even thought of when I wrote it :p All I wanted to do was change file names and not the extension itself. Ah well .. so looks as if I’ll be updating RenX soon so that you can manipulate either the file name or the extension. I like it when I get feedback 🙂

Not much progress on the other project – the Perl tagboard (which I’m going to call JenBoard from now on since I’m writing it for Jen <g>) I had written the mySQL based code day before yesterday and installed mySQL and the DBD and DBI modules for Perl yesterday to test the code but never got around to actually doing any testing. Actually, that’s not entirely true – I did do some initial testing, fixed a few bugs in the code which wouldn’t even allow it to run and then hit a point where the code seemed to run but did nothing :p I haven’t had time to test up to which point the code runs and what stops it. That I’ll probably have to do today – unless I get to work on RenX or BlogMan. Or maybe, I’ll work on all of them – yeah right :p

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