November 28, 2002

Nothing much at all in the way of coding I’m afraid. I wanted to do some further checking on the proxy problems with BlogMan yesterday with a different proxy server but all the free proxy servers out there seem to require the editing of a configuration file with a text editor whereas I’d rather tinker with a GUI – hmm, I guess Windows *has* spoilt me :p So I keep on looking around for other proxy servers to download and that’s about all I do. Plus, yesterday was a fairly busy day since I had quite a few other things going on so not much time to code 🙁

In other news however, I have set up another support forum since Jen was kind enough to let me have it at her domain 🙂 Why another forum you may ask? Because I have received complaints about the ezBoard forums being almost impossible to access/login to at certain times of the day. I would like it if people can test out the new forums and let me know if the access speeds are acceptable. I’m afraid that certain features like the poll forums and the chatting will not be available with the PHPBB forums but I think reliability and ease of access is the key thing and then if the other stuff is needed I might be able to add it in somehow. So go check out both the ezBoard forums and the forums at Jen’s domain and let me know what you think 🙂

I should also mention that I asked for somebody to host the forums for me and Collin was kind enough to step forward and offer to host them on his server. Thanks Collin!

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