November 8, 2002

Nothing much in the way of new coding I’m afraid since I didn’t get a chance to work on BlogMan (and yes, DeViLbOi I haven’t forgotten PostMan :p) – I’ve been busy with a few other things but hope to get back to BlogMan soon since I want to be able to make offline posts to my MT blogs soon. As far as PostMan goes, it is actually useable but is missing quite a few features that people might want, is a bit buggy and slow. It’s the slowness which actually halts me from going ahead with further development since I don’t want an e-mail client which takes ages to check mail when Eudora does it faster. It probably is either something I’m missing (most probable) or the Indy component that I’m using to do POP3 access. Either way, I will get back to PostMan but I usually find I code better when I work on something I’m interested in and so at the moment, it’s going to be BlogMan :p

Before I get anymore requests for this particular feature (suddenly, it has become very popular and I’ve received no less than three e-mails requesting it within about a week or two), the ability to have a different template for the archived entries is slated to be added in Blog 8.0 🙂 Both Tyran and Darin asked for it as well as another user in a comment left on this journal. Since so many people seem to want it, it’s going to be there in the next big release. But just have no idea as to when the next release (major or minor) is going to be since there seems to be enough coding projects to be divvied up between a whole team :p Ah well, I guess one at a time is the way to go …

I’ve also received a request to add scripting capabilities to Blog – so that a script written in perhaps VBScript or JavaScript can automate certain functions in Blog such as publishing, logging etc. While the idea has merit, I am again wary of adding too much bloat to any of my apps. I like to keep an app at a stage where it can still be carried around on a floppy. I know that’s sort of archaic at this juncture of computer development and that Blog really isn’t there since the compressed installer is around 2MB but to me that is still acceptable … kind of. But when you have a 4 or 5 MB installer, I don’t like that and I don’t know how big the final executable will grow to if I added scripting. Of course, as usual, I will do what the users want since you are ultimately the people who will need/use these features – I got Blog to the stage where it does what I want a long time ago :p

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