November 17, 2002

Now you see it, now you don’t!

I moved out of my main site for years (Tripod) yesterday and it is possible that some people got the redirection notice and then today you’ll notice that I am back at Tripod :p Well, that’s called the quick change trick :p I moved over to Jen’s domain since she agreed to give me a sub-domain of my own but she didn’t realize till I’d moved in that my site takes close to 20MB :p She wasn’t too happy with that and bought me my own domain at Only problem is that I didn’t want to move to a new domain – the only reason I’d moved in the first place was because I would be hosted by Jen. So I picked up and moved back to Tripod :p Jen is adamant that she’ll even pay for hosting the domain but I really don’t want her to go to all that expense and so am back at my free site plus the mirrored ones by kind courtesy of KuhnDog and Lyon. So that’s the story behind that 🙂

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