November 2, 2002

The government declared a police curfew yesterday soon after Friday prayers just because they expected trouble again and so nothing happened. I didn’t get to mosque myself since I had a crisis of my own online and wanted to sort it out. Jen and I had what was our first fight (and I hope it is the last as well … though knowing couples that’s probably a bit too much to ask for :p) and it was pretty bad. At one point I thought we had broken up but Jen tells me that we hadn’t – I still need a manual to understand these things I swear … maybe I’m just too much of a geek :p Unfortunately, it ruined what should have been a happy few hours since I had not talked to Jen in ages due to the fact that she’s not been at her home and so had no access to a computer. We did make up and agreed to forget about our disagreement and so all’s well that ends well.

Incidentally, I have no idea what a police curfew is so don’t ask me :p And the police curfew was in effect only in those areas of Colombo where they’d had problems the last two days and since I do not live or work in those areas, I wasn’t affected by the curfew. I returned from work around the usual time and didn’t really see anything different on my way back.

Now I should probably discuss the ideas about Blog that I’ve been talking about for a while now before I completely forget :p The first idea originated due to a link sent to me by Serge Keller about micro-content clients. Basically, a micro-content client is an application which allows you to search, retrieve and publish just the specific information you want off of the Internet. It is an interesting concept and I do have several pieces of the puzzle in place in the form of Snipper (which can retrieve just the specific part of a web page you want), NewsHoard (which is a newsreader which also accesses RSS feeds) and Blog (which can publish content to your site). However, all of these will have to be amalgamated under one UI and more features added to come up with a micro-content client. While this sounds like an interesting project in itself, I just hate to have a bloated app like that where most of the people will use only a portion of the features. So it looks interesting as a coding project but I’m not sure that I’ll do it :p

Something that I wouldn’t mind doing however, is to add a WYSIWYG editor interface to Blog’s entry pane. This way, you can compose your entries just the way you want, add hyperlinks, embed images and it will look just the way it will when published. For one thing, that will do away with the preview pane and for another, I personally think that will be a much more easier and cleaner way to make entries. This will however mean that I have to drop the PlusMemo component (at least for the entry field and probably for templates as well) and while Ryan (who was kind enough to buy the component for me – yes I mentioned his name :p) did tell me beforehand that I should feel free to drop PlusMemo anytime I felt that I could go with something better, I don’t know if that would work overall since there is a lot of stuff under the hood which relies on PlusMemo’s built-in features. I will however consider the WYSIWYG idea seriously for Blog 8.0 … but that won’t be for sometime since the people waiting for PostMan might just be tempted to kill me if I don’t get to it soon <g> And I’ll talk about PostMan tomorrow since this entry is again way too long …

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