November 24, 2002

What is love part deux :p

Hmm … looks as if the timing of yesterday’s post was kind of unfortunate – though I had planned to write that since the day before and it was basically meant to be about what *I* thought about love and what *I* thought it had to be. There are no rules of conduct in this world – each one of us does as our conscience (or whimsy) dictates. As somebody pointed out to me in the GrooupHug mailing list when I said something to the effect "that I always have tried to do what I thought was right", that I would do what *I* think is *right*. Of course, that is basically what I said but I think the other person meant that what I think is right might not be thought of as right by others. I see his point in certain instances but I also know that there are specific things which are thought to be right by everybody in general. Anyway, I digress – as usual :p
Something I had had in mind to mention when I started the whole "What is love" entry was Haddaway and the significance/memories that the song has for me.

Unfortunately, I got caught up in the entry itself and it got a bit emotional for me to actually think about the lighter side of the entry : So here goes the rest of it today … I know that it wasn’t that memorable a movie and that some people said at the time it was released that it should have remained an SNL skit and never made into a movie at all but I still remember that particular scene and the song though I don’t remember much else about the movie at all :p Of course, there are other songs like that that I associate with a movies – for instance there is Gloria Gaynor’s "I will survive" which will always remind me of Keanu and his team of "scabs" mincing around on the football field :p There are other songs like that that I associate with either a movie or a certain situation or moment in my life but I can’t recall all of them or write about all of them here – I’m too busy listening to "What is love?" :p

To me Haddaway’s song will always bring up visions of Will Ferrell and Chris Katan doing there manic dance in front of the bar in "Night at the Roxbury" :p

The new forums are open for business :p Of course, since I have used ezBoard to set it up, some of you may not like it <g> but it was the best customizable and free solution around and so I signed up and set it up. I am on a one month trial Gold membership – I have no idea what Gold membership gives you extra to what free members get but they forced the Gold membership on me and so there I am :p I set up separate discussion groups for all the apps that are available for download, a separate area for general discussions and a poll which is meant especially for DeViLbOi – you’ll see what I mean when you get there … How’s that for a teaser/hook? :p A link is still there on the sidebar to the old forums so that you can still refer to the old questions and answers and maybe find the solution to a problem you may have but I’d appreciate it if you use the new forums from now on for support questions since they provide a lot more functionality and are organized better to provide help for all of you. Plus, they are searchable and so you can find your answers faster – or at least, so I hope :p

I still need to work on BlogMan – I’m sorry Greg, just didn’t find the time yet and there probably is a pretty amateur mistake on the proxy support from what Greg tells me. I just need to sit down and take a look at it – and oh yeah, maybe install a proxy server so that I can see how the communication goes right on my machine :p Edward sat down with BlogMan, just clicked buttons (his words, not mine :p) and found a ton of bugs – I need to fix those too. Of course, I should apologize to everybody at this stage for the general shabbiness of the BlogMan release <g> The UI still is not finalized, there is no switching of certain blog utility specific values off when you are using a different utility and it is not completely tested. I think I did a Microsoft-style beta rather than the normal beta’s I release :p My only excuse is that I really liked to have the functionality and so hurried to complete it and then got busy with other stuff and so decided to release it as it was – which I shouldn’t have. Oh well, no use crying over spilt milk – or should that be split milk? :p

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