November 9, 2002

Life’s a merry go round :p

No entries for the past few days – for one thing, it was the fasting, for another work, for another I was too busy talking to my baby, Jen and for another I had a job interview to attend :p Speaking of Jen, she’s been busy setting up her domain and hosting other people and building a network of sub-domains and services around her domain. The latest thing she’s done is to set up a Link Exchange and I’ve just signed up for it myself 🙂 It’s pretty neat since it’s a system which runs off of PHP code and a mySQL database – it rotates button ads for people who sign up. Kinda like the webrings but one at a time – OK, so more like banner ads but instead of banners, it’s buttons :p

What else have I been up to? Nothing much actually … doing a fair bit of tech support for various people for some of my software but that’s about it. Oh yeah, the job interview – I got called up day before yesterday and went for it yesterday. The company is set up along the lines of Microsoft in that they have a huge campus where all their people work etc. Of course, unlike MS, I don’t think anybody lives on the campus itself but I heard the figure of US$ 30 million bandied about as the cost for setting up the place and in Sri Lanka that’s a *lot* of money! They do a lot of Solaris development but they actually wanted a guy who could come up with solutions rather than a hard core coder. Somebody who could tell them how to do something that they want done. I don’t even know if I’ll get offered the job but since it will probably mean that I won’t get to talk to Jen as much (or not at all – which is worse) I have decided that I will not take up their offer.

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