March 5, 2003

I was able to figure out the solutions to all the minor problems I had with the web-updater component yesterday and the code is finally done, but not tested yet :p I even added in the code to handle optional components that the user can decide not to update at the current moment though I have no such components yet. As far as I can tell, the code came together really well but since I am still putting together a demo application to test the functionality, I don’t know for sure that it works the way I want it to and that it works smoothly. I’ve already started work on a demo application though and should be able to see if it works today. In the meantime, I’ve also thought of a few problem areas and improvements overnight and that too can be incorporated into the component.

I still have no idea how much overhead that the web-updater component will add to Blog and while everybody says that download sizes of a few megabytes are no problem, I still seem to be stuck in the early dial-up days since I feel guilty at each additional kilobyte :p Of course, some of the UI changes I have in mind will add a lot more than a few kilobytes (especially the replacement of all the data grids with something a lot better looking and more functional) but I’m hoping the the web-update component will over set that eventually by the fact that you don’t have to download the full installer each time you want to update but instead can download just the bit(s) that you need. Let’s see how that goes as things progress though since the proof of the pudding is always in the eating :p

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